Monday, June 20, 2011

Testing Google Docs

Ok, fellow teacher friends, I really want to be able to create and share activities with you by posting Google Docs on my blog. I have created a simple character and setting sheet where students either draw what setting the character would most likely be in or the type of character that would be in the shown setting.  Hopefully this will work. Cross your fingers...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Letterland Day

As you may remember from a previous post, my school adopted Letterland as our phonics program for Kindergarten and first grade. Y'all this program is amazing!!! If it was a crazy busy day and we had to skip our Letterland lesson, the kids were so disappointed. Our principal was so impressed that the second grade teachers will be teaching it next year.

Letterland was created by a woman in England years ago. She created characters for each letter. The creator is in her 80s now but our school was lucky enough to have her son and grandson come visit our school!!! They manage the company now. My team and I were so star struck by meeting them. See we really do love this program.  Go to if you are interested.
To celebrate Letterland and all the kids learned this year, we had a Letterland Day the last week of school. The kinders were asked to dress as their favorite Letterland friend.  Below are some of the kids. 

                                             Peter Puppy                                                  

Red Robot

Oscar Orange & Annie Apple

Clever Cat

Quarrelsome Queen & Kicking King