Saturday, January 22, 2011

Building 3D shapes

One of the math objectives that a kindergartner in NC must be able to do is build a 3D shape.  The particular 3D shapes they need to build are a sphere and cube.  Now, sphere is pretty easy.  A good old container of PlaDoh works great for the kinders to roll into a ball.  Where the tricky part comes in is with the cube.  My team has used the marshmallow and toothpick lesson for a while now and it works well.  However, I am always looking for another way to get the concept across.  So my fellow educators, how do you teach your students to make a cube?  Let me hear your wonderful ideas.  I know you have some.  :)
Each kinder is given 8 marshmallows & 12 toothpicks.

It is very interesting to watch the students problem solve.


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