Saturday, October 1, 2011

This Post May Be a Bit Corny

Long time no blog...yikes! Is everyone as busy as I am??? Between my two boys, working on my masters,  and training 21 little kinders to follow directions, my head is spinning! I have missed posting on here. SO glad to return to the wonderful world of blogging!  Any who... I thought I would share with you a lesson that I do every year at this time. We are in the middle of our Scarecrow unit and we have been learning a lot about types of scarecrows.
So yesterday I gave each table group a fresh corn still in the husk. They were asked to pass around the corn and pull a piece of the husk off one by one. I love watching them as the corn is exposed with all the strings of silk. One student asked, "Mrs. Wagner, is that hair?"  LOL...don't you just love them!?  Once they have the husk off the students are given a recording sheet to draw what the corn looks like. Then I give each child a small serving of corn (canned corn) to taste. There is also a section on the paper to record if they like the taste or not.  Next I give each student 6 pieces of candy corn. Man, do kinders get excited about candy corn! They illustrate what the candy corn looks like on the sheet and then they taste and record if they like it or not.
One table group's corn

Some of my kiddos enjoying the activity

The lesson is concluded with a comparison of the two types of corn with a Venn diagram. As a class we discuss how the 2 are similar (food, both have yellow, etc...) and how they are different (healthy/candy, grows on farm/made in a factory, etc...

Here is the recording sheet if you wish to use this lesson in your class:         Corn Recording Sheet

Let me know if you use the activity and how it goes!!!

Well, hope all of you are enjoying your kiddos! Fall has finally arrived in NC and I am so loving the cooler temps!!!