Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guess What I Am Doing Tomorrow Morning???

Oh my goodness, y'all!! I am so excited about an opportunity that I have tomorrow morning! Two friends of mine cohost a nationally syndicated radio show, The Ace & TJ Show, and have ask me to sit in as the girl cohost tomorrow!!! I am so flippin' excited I can't stand it! Anyone who knows me will tell you I have this crazy obsession with celebrity gossip and anything pop culture. I have a ridiculous amount of knowledge on useless info like movie titles, TV show, and actors.  Even though I am excited I am also scared to death! I mean I can entertain a class full of kinders but this makes me nervous.  Please pray for me! If you want to listen to the show, it is on every weekday morning 6am-10am. If they aren't in your area, you can listen online and they also have an app. Their website is Wish me luck!!!

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