Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cheap Pointers for Reading

Some of my students still have a hard time pointing at words in books as they're reading.  They are constantly losing their spot.  So I tried to think of a fun, yet inexpensive way to have the kids point to each word.  So I went to Michael's, bought foam stickers and put them on the end of a popcicle stick.  These pointers stay with their 'Baggy Book'.  Baggy books are leveled take home readers.  I change the pointers about every month.  So far my kinders have received ghosts, bats, pumpkins, leaves, candy canes, stockings, and for January snowflakes.  You wouldn't believe how excited these pointers get the kids.  They anticipate each month and guess what will be on their pointers.  :)
                                      Some of the pointers the kids have received.


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  1. Your right they are wonderful and very similar to mine. :) I don't have a Michaels near me but I can get foam shapes. What a great way to add variety to my class pointers.

    Ms. M