Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Due to being out for the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday, my class spent Tuesday learning about his life and the role he played in equal rights.  It is always so interesting to see the shocked expressions on the faces of my kinders when we talk about how things were for African Americans decades ago.  I try to put it in their perspective by sayin 'What if only white people could eat at McDonald's?' or 'Black families would have to wait until all the white customers have checked out at Target until they could have a turn.'  It is so hard for them to understand something so terrible.  Once we read several books on Dr. King, the kinders made their own portrait of the Civil Rights activist.  The art project is courtesy of TLC.  I love how each project has its own look.  Too cute.

                                               The stories we read in class.

                                           Examples of the Kinder's creativity

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