Monday, February 28, 2011

My Favorite Things

With being the blog stalker that I am, I saw that there was a Linky Party going on and I wanted to play along!  Check out to see who else is playing.  So here is my list...

1. My Keurig

This is the best!

2. My Nook Color

One of the best inventions ever!  I can not only read books but I get magazine subscriptions on this and can surf the web.

3.Hobby Lobby

What teacher doesn't love some Hobby Lobby?  I can spend hours in this store!

4. Diet Dr. Pepper

A little bit of this during the school day makes me a very happy Kindergarten teacher!

5. Panera

Love, love the Asian salad here!!!

6. Glee

I am a Gleek!!!

7. Flair pens

A teacher's all time favorite

8.  Celebrity Magazines

After a crazy day in Kindergarten, I love to read some fluff that I don't have to think too hard about!

Okay blog friends!!! What are some of your favorite things?


  1. Thanks for playing along. I LOVE Hobby Lobby. I can go there and look around for hours.


  2. Oooo I love Glee too. I hate missing an episode.

    Ms. M

  3. I love all your favorite things! Drinking lots caffeine while watching GLEE and flipping through People after a trip to Hobby Lobby where I marked items off my list with a Flair pen, is a typical Tuesday night. HAHA!


  4. I have to agree with you on several: Hobby Lobby, Flair pens, and my Keurig. I'd have to go with a fountain drink with no ice from McDonald's instead of the Diet Dr. Pepper, though. ;)


  5. OM~gosh! We have several things in common!

    How about a Diet Dr Pepper at a Hobby Lobby shopping frenzy? could life get better?