Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cute Children's Book Discovered

Hello to all you wonderful teachers out there! This week my Kinders will start our two week unit on colors. I was shopping at one of my most favorite places, Barnes & Noble, just strolling through the children's section taking in the wonderful smell of books when a book caught my eye!
Here is what I saw:

Press Here by Herve' Tullet is one of the cutest books I have seen in a while. It has the reader press certain spots on the page or shake the book and turn the page to find that something has happened to the spots. Oh, I wish this book was around when my boys were younger!
 Here is what the book looks like inside:
So once the page above is read and the book is given a little shake, the next page has the dots scattered all about on the page. You can see how this book will go great with our color study because the spots are the primary colors and with all the 'movement' of the book done by the reader, the spots eventually come together to form new colors!
I can't wait to share this with my class and come up with activities to go along with it. Am I the only one who has been living under a rock and didn't know about this book? Please share with me how you use this book in your classroom.
Have a great week everyone!

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